Ninja Fantasy (LittlePaper)
First NFT game inspired by Naruto - Ninja Saga Fantasy MetaVerse Games.
Ninja Saga Fantasy is an game MMORPG NFT on Binance Smart Chain based on the Naruto manga and its ninja theme with some variations. All the characters are unique NFT which can be used for staking and playing, you must increase the power of your character until you win a place to challenge the kages for the title. Each game mode generates rewards, which increase depending on the ninja rank, with these rewards you can unlock and buy jutsus, weapons, clothes, pets, among other things, as well as withdraw your profit in our token whenever you want. Also by leveling up you can unlock the following ninja ranks and this entails having better jutsus.
You start out as an aspirant and you need to get a graduation to get promoted to Genin and start playing the different modes to earn rewards. The main objective of the game is to overcome levels to become one of the best ninjas, protect the Shinobi world and participate in the end of season tournaments to try to get the unique title of Kage.
Here Starts Your NFT Ninja Way!
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