Chakra Control (Ninjas)
We begin with the explanation of the chakra control: The chakra is the vital energy of the body which is essential for any jutsu, through concentration and control of the chakra new types of chakra can be formed. The most common product is the elemental chakra, which is used to perform elemental jutsu. This is why each of our ninja manages a type of elemental chakra (Fire, Wind, Lightning, Earth, Water), during Chakra Control V-1.0 the mission is to concentrate that ninja's energy to obtain a daily reward which will be in NFS tokens. This will basically work as follows:
Each ninja has a rank, which defines the fighting level, and other stast within the game but also defines the control of the chakra so that some ninjas can accumulate more chakra and receive more rewards. As our number of graduated ninjas is limited (1100) these are the ninjas that can accumulate more chakra and therefore more rewards, being the kages the ones that accumulate more rewards daily. But also as we know that 1100 ninjas is not enough for people who want to acquire an NFT, we have designed some low-level ninjas that can also enter the status of chakra control, these are the aspirants, you can only have a maximum of 10 aspirants per account and multi-accounts are not allowed. All ninjas can enter chakra control, but be careful the maximum number of applicants is also limited.

How to enter chakra control?

The first thing is to register in our marketplace, and have an NFT to activate the chakra mode. If you already have it, you can go to the My NFTs page in the market and under each NFT you will see the button to activate the chakra mode along with the fees to start. You must have the NFS defined by the oracle in your market wallet, and a little BNB for fees, within the chakra mode to perform the tasks you will not need BNB.
If you don't have NFT, you can buy an aspirants in our market. For that you must register, deposit the NFS for the scrolls, and a little bnb for fees and that you can minted the NFT to receive royalties. After buying the scroll, you can see it on the My NFTs page, and open the scroll and you will receive your ninja. You will see the amount to pay in NFS to activate the chakra mode and you can activate it in each ninja.

Duration of the fees for the chakra mode?

You must pay a fee in NFS defined by the oracle to activate the chakra mode, this fee will keep your ninja in chakra mode for 7 days and after that you must pay again to activate it.

How do I start receiving rewards?

Once you have your NFT in chakra control status, daily you must complete some tasks, these tasks will be given by a sensei (guide NPC) and will appear daily on your panel for you to complete and receive your rewards. Very important, be careful and complete your tasks because the ninja can lose concentration and not generate chakra during the day, which means that you will not receive rewards.

How do I claim my rewards?

Every 24 hours the rewards will accumulate in your panel, this will be updated daily at 00:00 UTC. Every 7 days the reward of day 1 is released, and if you accumulate each reward, the tax to withdraw is reduced. It starts at 28% tax on day 7, and is reduced by 4% daily until having 0% of fees on day 15.
You can have a maximum number of 10 ninjas per account, and you can place them all in chakra control status. We want to be clear about this, because we want to avoid multi-accounts, so we give a margin of 10 ninjas per account so that there is no need to open multiple accounts. If anyone abuses this, we will have to ban the accounts.

What profit will I get with the chakra control?

Currently we cannot give an exact number because this depends on the rank of the ninja you have and the amount of tokens is defined by our AI based on: the price of the token, the number of ninjas in a status of chakra control, the remaining available supply of tokens for the chakra control, the estimated time to launch the game, the daily time spent in control chakra, and of course completing the daily tasks.

Estimated reward

The rewards are managed per oracle, as are the daily rewards based on the token price in BUSD.

When It Starts?

The chakra mode started on November 5, you can now buy your ninja in the marketplace and enter chakra mode to start collecting rewards.


The rewards are counted daily, each user can see the rewards of their ninjas but they can only be withdrawn after 7 days of being in this chakra control status.
The rewards depend on the rank of each ninja, and are defined by our AI, based on the following variables: The price of the token, the number of ninjas in chakra control status, the remaining available supply for the control chakra and the estimated time for the launch of the game.
Table of rewards estimated by one of our partners: LINK

Additional Slots

For all players who want to have more ninjas in the chakra control, you can buy additional slots to be able to place the desired amount of ninjas, thus you will not need to create multiple accounts that will be banned by the system.


We are introducing our algorithm as control mechanisms to define the amount of tokens that are delivered daily, taking into account the dollar price of the token as the main factor.
The chakra control reward system is based on a simple interest formula, with some modifications.
F(c,t)=c(1+pt)F ( c ,t )=c ( 1+p t )
where (c), is the amount of tokens available for chakra control, (p) is the daily interest, (t) is the chakra control period in days and (F) is the future value of (c). Since that in Ninja Fantasy ecosystem we continuously we need to modify the amount of rewards, to give more entry to new users, maintain the estimated time for the launch of the game, and control inflation, we have to reduce the amount of rewards at certain times since the total supply for chakra control could arrive to 0 fast.
The total appreciation principle:
RT(c,t)=F(c,t)c=cpetR T ​ (c,t)=F(c,t)−c=cp e ​ t
The chakra control rewards being calculated and locked at the beginning of every reward cycle, which is approximately 30 days, and the total reward itself is set to 20% of total funds in the treasury. That said, the total appreciation principle allocated from that portion
and therefore its a subject to:
RT(c,t)=cpetTR T ​ (c,t)=cp e ​ t≤T