After a brutal Great Shinobi War, a war that almost annihilated everyone in the world, the Kages revealed their maximum power, a huge power capable of destroying anything they face, it was the 5 guardians and the unique power who had the Kage of the Fire village, the chakra of the 6 paths, Raijin a noble Shinobi and noted for his great power and self-denial to protect all innocent people, worthy of having a name that comes from the Gods.
This power put a momentary end to the war but not to Amdara, a shinobi of great power, one of a kind practically invincible, who yearned to be perfect and obtain maximum power. Amdara ambition to have the greatest power ever known was immense.The 5 Kages of the great villages of Fire, Earth, Wind, Water and Lightning for fear that it would fall into their hands agreed to seal the Guardians by dividing their power within 2 people In this way, 5 more Kages were included per village, this with the idea that the strongest defend the Shinobi world from the dark and evil forces that were approaching.
The Kages did not count on Amdara to be able to perfect and use a forbidden Jutsu, the Edo Tensei the Reincarnation of the Impure World, bringing to life and the Yōkai world, exiled mercenaries, mystical ninja creatures, Samurais, and very powerful ancestors brought back to life. Which advance in silence in the shadows and hidden in the darkness increasing their power in a great way and making the world tremble, taking it to the shores of chaos and a great war again.
Amdara ambition had only one goal, to obtain the power of the Chakra of the 6 Paths and that of the Kage, to obtain perfection with unimaginable power. The faith of the Shinobi world will be in the hands of the young ninjas, who will protect the Kages and try to obtain the position of Kage before one controlled by Amdara.
But, what role do you want to have? Be a ninja and evolve to Kage? Or be part of the dark side with Amdara and appropriate the power of a Kage? Make your way ninja or follow Amdara!!!
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