Season 1: Ninja Preparation
The game begins in a world on the brink of a new ninja war, with 2 great factions, on the one hand the "Shinobi Alliance" the ninjas who refuse to let the world fall into chaos, and the Night Raid Organization led by Amdara. And at his side the legendary Risen, the Outcasts, mystical and revived creatures controlled by the power of Amdara.
This is how it begins, your ninja path, your mission is to increase your power, create your team, get more skills and rise through the ranks, increase your skills as much as possible to win the battles and end the threats that want to end the peace of the world. Besides everyone will want to go for Kage's title, you can't miss your chance.
This whole season is a preparation and opportunity, at the end of each season we hold mega PVP tournaments, where there will be 10 winners who will have the opportunity to face 1 of the 10 Kages in pvp, where the winner will keep his title or we will have a new Kage, Now you want to increase your level very fast? Start now!
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