Tokennomics (NFS)

The currency of the game - Ninja Fantasy Token (NFS)

The Ninja Fantasy Token (NFS) is the native currency in the NinjaFantasy MetaVerse Games, is a token that uses BEP-20 technology. It allows token holders to play, invest and also be part of the Game. To try to best avoid inflation, different mechanisms have been developed, including an AI algorithm to handle the distribution of rewards, and a limitation on the maximum token supply to 10.000.000 tokens.

Utilities of NFS Token:

  1. 1.
    In-Game Currency: The economy in the NinjaFantasy MetaVerse Games It is managed through our token, it can be used within the game to improve skills, buy weapons, skin, pay entry to tournaments and special events, exchanges, give gifts, and many more functions.
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    MarketPlace: All characters, weapons, pets and other items in the game can be bought and sold in our marketplace using our token. A commission per transaction is implemented which will be used for maintenance, and part of it is burned.
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    Play-to-Earn: Our game will include 4 game modes; Boss Battle (Adventure), Player vs Player (PvP), Team vs Team (deathmatch), Survival (battle royale). Each mode rewards our players in different amounts and ways, depending on the rank, time, and other data that will be explained later. All rewards are in NFS Token.
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    Chakra Control: To incentivize users to participate in the NinjaFantasy MetaVerse, the first NFT ninjas they can be put into chakra control status, which is one of the layers of rewards to boost both the economy and the active user base within the game. This works like a staking, where each character will receive a daily reward depending on the ninja rank, in addition to possible improvements and jutsus. All rewards are in charge of our AI algorithm, which decides the number of tokens for each user depending on the price of the token, the number of users, the time remaining for the launch of the game, and other data explained later.

NFS Token:

  • Name: Ninja Fantasy Token
  • Symbol: NFS
  • Decimals: 18
  • Max Supply: 10,000,000

Initial Tokens Distribution:

Token Quantity
Ninja Fantasy Team
Private Presale
Public Presale
Liquidity Pools
Ads, associations and Airdrops
Gaming rewards
Chakra Control (Staking character)

Ninja Fantasy Team

100% of the Ninja Fantasy Team ’s tokens are locked for 4 months, after those 6 months, it will be gradually unlocked with 5-10% per month. This ensures team commitment and encourages long-term goals. In other projects, the teams generally have immediate availability of the tokens, we are committed to our project and we want to ensure that our team will never dump.

Why is the total supply limited?

All our decisions are made based on the previous experiences of the majority of known NFT games, we have dumped this data into our AI algorithm and the option that seemed most adapted to what the future of our game is is having a limited supply, this has a simple explanation:
  • We avoid the over accumulation of unnecessary tokens in the market
  • We have 4 game modes, but the In-Game rewards that we must cover from the total supply is only for 1 game mode Boss Battle (Adventure).
  • The other 3 game modes were designed in a self-sustaining way, the rewards obtained by the winners are coming from the rivals in each mode, in addition to a part being burned. This way we keep the game economy circulating without injecting more tokens, it is risky but the tests with AI promise good results.