Public Presale
In the public presale we had to make the decision to create a whitelist to handle the volume of traffic and filter the true stakeholders, defining a maximum limit of tokens per person to avoid whales that want to take many and then dump. As our total supply is small, and we want to reserve the maximum possible tokens to the economy of the different game modes, only 5% of the total supply will be available for public presale.
So that everything is as transparent as possible, the whitelist will be selected through a public draw, among all the participants who register their interest.
We would like to allow everyone to enter the public pre-sale of our token, but we have to take care of the economy of the game and thus be able to allow some users to have enough tokens to acquire the NFTs after the pre-sale. And so each NFT is in time for the start of the Chakra Control which must also be limited for the sake of our shinobi metaverse.

Presale Info

% Tokens for Public Sale/Presale
Tokens for Public Sale/Presale
Seating Available in the Whitelist
Minimum Contribution
0.1 BNB
Maximum Contribution
Public Presale Price
Public Presale Date
Completed, sold out.
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Presale Info